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about us

m-hops was established in 2003 and now consists of two DJ's, both based in the Spalding area. We provide discos, karaoke, bingo, quiz nights and race nights. We have also just started doing Bouncy Castles and Gyroscope in 2009 at a range of events including..
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • School Disco's

Contact us

To find our more information or to book an evening, you can get in contact in the following ways:
Call: 07753883725
Email: michael@m-hops.co.uk
or we are now on facebook, join our group!

Booking Information

Once a booking has been made you have the option to make any music requests that you may have for your event i.e. First dance for your wedding any requests will be needed at least 3 week’s prior to booking.

Please note when making a booking with m-hops a 30 to £50 deposit will be required in the event of cancellation this is non-refundable.

Prices may vary at Christmas and New Year, call us for details. Prices subject to change without notice.

Useful Information

We use professional audio and lighting equipment giving a great atmosphere to kick start your celebration. With a large selection of music from all genres we cater for range of different musical tastes and era’s.

All equipment is portable appliance tested (PAT), and insured for maximum safety. We have public liability insurance and are licensed by PPL to play digital and original music recordings.

Set-up Information

Its usually takes around 1 hour 30 minutes to sep up my equipment, so i will arrive at the venue at least 1 hour 45 minutes before the performance time is scheduled the start. Once set up has been completed, all equipment is sound checked and tested for safety. Volume levels can be raised or lowered at any time during the event. I will try and judge the right volume and monitor it throughout the performance. E.g. If guests are talking in the early part of the event, then the volume will be set at a level that won't be intrusive on conversation. There may also be times when you or your guests would like to make some of your own announcements. This is no problem! Volume can be lowered as requested.

m-hops Music Background

My motivation is my passion for music. I have closely followed the development of all types of electronic/club music and increased my music collection from all genres.

Here is a little technical information about what I do:
  • Reading the crowd:
  • I think the ability to study the dynamics of the dance floor is of vital importance. Part of my job is to know what to play and when to play it. Throughout the set, I will try and establish what the energy levels are and what the general mood is on the dance floor. Record selection/style, the pace of the music, and mixing technique can all be altered accordingly.
  • Music:
  • I have a large collection of music to cater for everyone’s taste ranging from the 1950’s all the way to the present. This is updated monthly and includes a wide range of Xmas.
  • Mixing Skills:
  • For non-club music, I tend to move from one track to another with quick cut rather than blend or mix. Some music is best left un-mixed and played as original. When playing club music I mix one record into another using a variety of different blends and techniques. This is to create a continuous performance without stops and starts and works well in maintaining that party atmosphere.
  • EQ:
  • EQ is short for ‘Equalisation’. I use the mixer to pick out different frequencies in the music - bass, midranges and treble, and then adjust them to provide different effects. This can help to create better sound, cleaner mixes and is useful to highlight and mix particular elements of a song. These techniques tend to be more appropriate when playing club/electronic music.